MYFX Trading Console

Core Liquidity Markets is proud to offer MYFX, a powerful trading platform available for Foreign Exchange Traders using MetaTrader 4 Platform. This application installs on the back of your existing MetaTrader4 platform and gives you access to a variety of trading tools. MYFX console is available on a subscription basis at a cost of $249 for a one year license, or free for CoreTrader account holders ($2,500 USD +). To learn more on how MYFX can work for you, watch our Video Tutorials.

Sign Up for a 30 Day Free Trial of MYFX:

Trade Execution Features

  • 1 Click Break Even
  • 1 Click Close Trade
  • Time Trade Opened
  • Default Trade TP / SL
  • See your risk per trade
  • 1 Click Trade Execution
  • Close All Trades Button

Platform Features

  • OCO Functions
  • Account Mandate
  • Peer to Peer Trading
  • MYFX Trade Manager
  • Customisable Websites
  • Account Summary View
  • Account Floating P/L as %

Positions Grid Columns

  • Magic number
  • TP & SL in pips
  • Percent to target
  • Time trade opened
  • Profit / Loss as pips
  • Display of risk per trade as $
  • Display of risk per trade as %