Month: March 2020

Landing safe trades when price is about to crash

January 15th, 2009. U.S. Airways Flight 1549 was leaving Laguardia when it struck a flock of Canada

What future impact will coronavirus have on the markets?

here’s a lot happening in the markets. The coronavirus has had a huge impact on airlines, cruise lines and

These troubling times

I wanted to take a moment to write on here and talk about this situation we find ourselves in. The markets

Metal pricing UPDATE

Dear Valued Trader, Please note that the Gold markets are currently very illiquid due to the widespread

COVID – CHAOS: How to find amazing trades

Current market conditions, for as crazy as they are, are creating amazing trading opportunities. Why?

Taking a shuttle launch approach to opening range

Launch day, Kennedy Space Station, Cape Canaveral. The 40-hour countdown is down to its final 10 seconds.

How to make the giant leap to trading full-time

Nobody calls it the ‘$166 billion dollar step that could have ended in a total catastrophe.’ But that’s

Why you want to control altitude when price is soaring

Turkish Airlines Flight 1951. A horrific crash that took place during landing at Amsterdam Schiphol

Going from moped to Formula One with money flow

You don’t need to see the car to know it’s incredibly fast. In fact the name says it all – Formula 1

Why trade Forex in a CRASHING MARKET

While some markets are moving down… others are moving in the exact OPPOSITE direction. Right now

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