Month: April 2020

May – Holiday Trading Hours

Please note that the trading hours for some instruments will be affected in the month of May.

Locating daily profits with harmonic price action patterns

If you think that Reagan and Gorbachev were the ones with all the power during the Cold War… think again.

Research that actually results in success

If you’ve ever played golf, then you know the pure feeling of frustration. You watch pros take

Tips & Tricks: How to trade support & resistance…

Greetings everyone! It doesn’t matter what direction the market goes… as long as you can trade support

Trading tunnel vision – What it is and how to overcome it

The year was 2008 and the market was crashing hard. I was training to be a proprietary trader for a

The only trading strategy you’ll ever need

Happy Tuesday everyone! With Thanksgiving coming at us fast, the markets are fragmented and subdued at

Extreme volatility in the Crude Oil Markets

Please be advised that we have increased the margin requirements on OILUSD (WTI Crude Oil) and UK.OIL

Trades to watch… AUD misses critical pivot points….

Greetings everyone! This week we don’t have just one trade to watch for… we have 4! It looks like the

Forex vs. Futures: Which one should I trade?

Like you, trading was an easy decision to make. I was compelled by the idea of the markets, of the

The guys who make all the money…

Picture any auction you’ve ever seen or been to. There’s always a start, followed by a frenzied finish.

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