Month: April 2020

The one mistake you can make

So there’s one big enemy every trader has. It’s not the Wizard of Oz turning the gears of the market

Market summary – Trades to watch (USD/JPY)!

The markets are packed with price action patterns and key support and resistance numbers to monitor

Using Bollinger Bands to filter trends

Today I'm going to show you how to use one of my favorite short term trading indicators to determine.

April holiday trading hours

Please note that the trading hours for some instruments will change due to the Daylight Saving

The best times to trade Forex!

Every day, news is coming out and the markets are going crazy. Perfect example: Just yesterday

What sports betting can teach you about trading

If you tell people that you trade for a living, many of them will liken you to a professional

10 investment quotes we can all learn from

When the best of the best in investing are talking, you better listen. There is always something we

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