Month: June 2020

Scoring when value gives you a power play on price

Minutes left in the third period, the score is tied and the visiting team’s forward is headed for the penalty box.

How the “buffalo jump” keeps your trades from racing off a cliff

The unrelenting wind howls across an open frontier as you survey your family’s last hope

Video: Chart School LIVE for Forex Traders

This week our friend Rob Booker hosted his weekly chart school! It’s jam packed with easy trade techniques, ideas and tricks!

How to use double bottoms when price is about to shipwreck

Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, otherwise known as the ‘Black Swan’. This Spanish Navy frigate was sunk

I made 3,752.78% by swing trading, and you could do the same

New traders are always asking me what types of trading day or swing they should focus on to make the

ALERT: EUR/GBP ready to make a move…

We’ve spotted a trade you can stalk going into this next week! EUR/GBP has tested recent highs and was REJECTED!

The perfect weapon for daily combat in the futures market

The dark and silent night erupted into muzzle flashes and the deafening blasts of automatic weapons

Short term price patterns that work

Great way to swing trade and day trade with short term price patterns

AUD – The market WARNING you should watch

Our friend Rob Booker shares a powerful trick that 99% of traders absolutely miss. It’s the difference between profitable trading

The 60 second secret to mastering entries and exits

Track and field events are run with wind to avoid poor performance. Traders who take a minute to find the market wind.

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