Month: July 2020

How to trade with robots…

We get this question all the time… ‘How can I use robots to automate my profits?’

Surfing intraday trends with Ichimoku

Futures trends can be easily surfed for profit with the Ichimoku cloud.

Super-size your entries and exits with MACD

Traders can have success by watching the actions of the market’s MACD.

Winning with natural price volleys in the market

Fibonacci retracements will show you where the professionals are going.

Trades to Watch… AUD/CAD, AUD/JPY

There are some fantastic trades to watch this coming week!

Trading scheduled news events with seismic impacts

With proper planning, you can harness the aftermath of news events.

Revealed: Pro trader’s biggest trading secret

It was 20 years ago that Rob started trading with only $2,500. He was already over $400,000 in debt…

Choosing the winning lane next to a prevailing trend

Don’t take big trends on, when you can profit by drafting right behind.

How to use trend lines to avoid institutional tsunamis

There is no need to fear institutional tsunamis if you get out of the way.

Reeling in great trades in ‘deadliest catch’ conditions

Knowing how to safely profit from volatile markets can make a difference.

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