Month: July 2020

Rob Booker: My biggest MISTAKE in 10 years…

Rob decided to spill the beans on his biggest mistake. It’s embarrassing, it’s shocking… but he shared so that you can learn.

Avoiding a meltdown just as you’re about to exit

Avoid catastrophic meltdowns by knowing when to trade and when to fade.

Accept this trading truth to turn your trading around

It happened on BBC a few years ago. Watching it now on YouTube will make your stomach turn.

The perfect weapon for daily combat in the futures market

The dark and silent night erupted into muzzle flashes and the deafening blasts of automatic weapons fire.

ALERT: NZD/USD Targets .61227

NZD appears to have rejected the highs at .65120 and that means that we have the perfect Tomahawk set-up

Trading Hours Update – July 3rd

Low trading volumes may result in periods of unexpected volatility and greater than usual market spreads.

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