Month: September 2020

Trading Hours Update – September 7th

Trading Hours Update – September 7th

The momentum of this train will crush you or carry you

What creates price momentum in the market?

Get the inside track on heist-like entries on a prevailing trend

Be in the know, to pick up an entry and make your win.

How to trade pivots for profit…

Market reversals can mean big, big profits… as long as you time them right.

20 Trades in 20 Minutes

Our friend Rob Booker has 20 trades for you in 20 minutes… we saw this and we couldn’t resist.

Video: How to use Knoxville Divergence

Knoxville Divergence is one of the most powerful indicators on the market.

Battle attacking price swings with the Fibonacci Circle

Take price swings head on and profit with Fibonacci retracements!

Market Recap: Here are the trades to watch…

We are getting ready for another HUGE trading week…

Avoid misinterpretation with divergence

Don’t let these market opportunities pass you by!

Keeping your scalp trades off the rocks with channels

Steer your scalping strategy to safer, profitable waters with channels.

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