Month: October 2020

Identify profitable entries with the fingerprint structure of your market

Catch trade locations red-handed by watching for basic market structures.

Six simple ways to avoid a loss when trading Forex

No trader wants to lose, but unfortunately it is part of the business.

Why a stop loss order doesn’t always stop losses

The thing about pending orders - they don’t always do what they should.

Are you misreading your favorite currency pair’s DNA?

Going from a casual relationship to a DNA profile in seconds.

Defuse trends using MACD

Don’t fall for fake trends, sniff them out with the right equipment!

Landing a trade during earnings season

Landing a trade during earnings season doesn’t have to crash your account!

Add race-winning nitro to your trades

You can harness this power to put extra juice behind your trades.

How ignoring support sets your account up for a fall

When support crumbles, it can result in serious damage.

How to trade Real Time Entry Zones… (free indicator)

Real Time Entry Zones is incredibly easy to use! Once it’s on your chart, the trades are almost impossible to miss.

USD/CHF ready for a HUGE trade

This pair is getting ready to make a move…

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