Month: January 2021

Trading Hours Update – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Trading Hours Update – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Using the opening tick to negotiate a deadly market blockade

Learn to use the opening tick as a valuable reference point.

Weekly recap – Chart of the day by ForexAnalytix

USDCHF Inverted Head and Shoulder Setup

Prevent battle scars on your trading account

In war, lines of support and resistance are fortified positions.

Turning fear into reward on NFP Friday

Eliminate the fear and use nonfarm payroll to generate profits.

How to land an exit in a strong crosswind trend

Don’t crash-land your trade – spot the crosswind and profit with it!

How to stand in the market’s driveway and size up value

Turn market trash into profit, simply by knowing what to watch for.

Keep your account from blowing up with Advanced Trading Strategy

Safety protocols that will save your account from disaster when trading.

Spotting a two million dollar value for less than five dollars

Spot the Warhol-like value trades the institutions are hoping you’ll miss.

Riding the rail on price to legendary profits

You can ride the rail to profits by spotting wedge formations.

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