Month: February 2021

Trading Hours Update – Presidents’ Day

Trading Hours Update – Presidents' Day

Weekly recap – Chart of the day by ForexAnalytix

The USDCAD has been in a very long downtrend trend since the Covid-19 lockdown early 2020.

RSI Aussie/Japanese Yen over bought

This week the RSI indicates the Aussie vs Japanese is over bought.

Trade of the week – AUDNZD is poised for a breakout!

This week we have a complete setup on AUDNZD.

Trade of the week – Bearish setup building on USDCHF…

We finally have an appropriate bearish setup building on USDCHF.

You, your trade, and the best relationship advice available

Breaking up is hard, but when you enter a trade, that’s what needs to happen.

Trading unfinished auctions like an institutional slugger

When price moves, there’s a reason. You just need to know what to watch for.

Using the TRIN to spot a winning horse before making your trade

Learn to spot winning reversal points in overbought or oversold conditions.

Using Keltner Channels to keep your trade from going over a cliff

How Keltner Channels provide guidance to keep you from losing your account.

Understand the risk before you take it

What an emergency room In Mexico and the market have in common.

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