Author: CLM

The one stock you should NEVER trade

Why mess around with a trade that you aren’t comfortable with?

Trading unfinished auctions like an institutional slugger

When price moves, there’s a reason. You just need to know what to watch for.

Using the TRIN to spot a winning horse before making your trade

Learn to spot winning reversal points in overbought or oversold conditions.

Using Keltner Channels to keep your trade from going over a cliff

How Keltner Channels provide guidance to keep you from losing your account.

Understand the risk before you take it

What an emergency room In Mexico and the market have in common.

Intercept entries during market storms

Monitor the direction of market storms by keeping an eye on ATR.

Put a GPS tracking device on price with Fibonacci

Track down price by using the Fibonacci suite of tools.

Turning fear into reward on NFP Friday

Eliminate the fear and use nonfarm payroll to generate profits.

What the Texas two-step of trading can do for you

The market two-step moves slowly, but over time it flows.

How to land an exit in a strong crosswind trend

Don’t crash-land your trade – spot the crosswind and profit with it!

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