Author: Rob Booker

3 Rules for winning the day trading game

Everyone loves the idea of sitting down in front of their computers and pocketing a few thousand dollars by the end of the day.

Think you “can’t” be a trader?

I hear a lot of excuses from people as to why they aren’t or can’t be successful traders.

Why traders fail (and how to get past it)

Failure happens. It isn’t fun, and it usually happens at just about the worst time.

Judging the “health” of your trading account

Let’s break down some of the most important numbers you’ll see on your trading screen.

Going pro: How to make a real living from your trading

You’ve gotten started on your trading game. You’ve put up a chart.

Trading mindset hacks by Rob Booker

In this video Rob will share with us some of his trading mindset hacks.

10 keys to profitable swing trading

10 rules for successful short-term trading, no matter what asset you trade.

The only trading strategy you’ll ever need

Happy Tuesday everyone! With Thanksgiving coming at us fast, the markets are fragmented and subdued at

The one mistake you can make

So there’s one big enemy every trader has. It’s not the Wizard of Oz turning the gears of the market

The best times to trade Forex!

Every day, news is coming out and the markets are going crazy. Perfect example: Just yesterday

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