Price Improvement Technology

We provide clients with a competitive edge in the market through Price Improvement Technology, by sourcing the best prices available from our Liquidity Providers. This ensures that our clients can benefit from our best execution price available on every forex trade.

How Does It Work?

It works in a fraction of a second in real time - For example, when you click to place a buy order on EURUSD at an ask price of 1.39335, but the price improves to 1.39334 (0.1 pip improvement) within a millisecond, your trade will be executed at the improved price of 1.39334 giving you an advantage over other forex traders

Introducing BeeksFX VPS

BeeksFX is a global leader in providing VPS solutions for automated trading. Their service is cross connected with our trading servers allowing them to offer sub 1 millisecond transit from their cloud devices to our clients.

With eight data centers around the world and low-latency connectivity between sites, BeeksFX assists retail and institutional clients trading forex, by reducing barriers of entry, and time to market.

We have partnered with BeeksFX to provide our clients the fastest execution possible at a reduced cost. We also offer complementary VPS solutions for clients who trade forex in high volumes.