VPS Server for Active Forex Traders

Access to a fast, efficient and reliable server is critical for trading financial markets. Our remote CORE VPS server is intended for active traders using robots (EAs), and Algos. The most important features include fast connection to trading servers and a secure access 24/7.

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Trade 24/5 using EAs and Algos, without the need of leaving your computer on.

Secure remote access to your trading account from anywhere in the world.

High-speed and uninterruptible internet connection.

Access to a fully equipped trading environment.

Access to all your trading tools on a remote server.

Access your trading environment via any web browser.


Please note that the CORE VPS service is only available to active clients with an equity on their trading account exceeding 2,500 USD, or its equivalent in another currency. To access the service the client needs to have a turnover of al least 10 standard lots in a calendar month.

This program is invite only and available to clients who meet the above mentioned requirements.

VPS Hardware Configuration